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I ♥ deer

hair:[kik]hair opening gift*hair(… 続きを読む

I ♥ Gatcha

hair:*Dura-Girl*41 tops:[Sheep Do… 続きを読む

R.icielli&[ m ] &JPK

みなみんがオススメしてた[ m ]のブーツ、うちも買ったよyay!… 続きを読む

fairy tail bear

りえたんのfairy tailのクマネックレス♪ かわいいジュエリ… 続きを読む


pose:(marukin) wedge loman THE DR… 続きを読む

Fiffty Linden Friday&R.icielli gift

FLFアイテムとギフトでコーデ♪ !lambのFLFアイテム(6/… 続きを読む

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    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m living in SECOND LIFE by the name of ‘coco’. I want to meet a lot of people in this world. It is very excited for me.

    All my friends are encouraged greatly whenever I’m worried about something. Everything is my precious memories. Here is my living proof in the world.

    I wish you enjoy with my blog !!
    You can contact us 'inworld' via note card or IM.

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