I ♥ TCF#2

I ♥ TCF#2 Snapshot_51489

awesome designers<33
Love Love Love♥♥♥

I ♥ TCF#2 Snapshot_51488
skin:: ) BCC. [Coffee] Sakura TCF
eyes:[UMEBOSHI] Lunar eyes -Silver Brown- TCF

hair:Eaters Coma – HAIR 21 / MOCHA
tops:: ) BCC. Over The Rainbow Short pink dot TCF
skirt:Tee*fy Basics HighWaist Short Denim Skirt Bleached
shoes:[monso] My Studded Oxford – Black
tattoo:NEO** Knee tattoo – Eat you – red&blood new
headband:::{u.f.o}::animal wire headband – red – cat 1
bag:{VCO Gotcha} Rose Bag – 6 TCF
glasses:Soothe. Glasses-Palette(black*white) TCF

hair:tram C429 hair(B)
tee:[DAISO] BLACK Frame Lion T-Shirt TCF
pants:(TokiD) cocoro shorts (black leather)
socks:RARE – // LUNARICON // – Cross of St Peter Suspenders [BLACK] TCF
shoes:[monso] My Studded Oxford – Black
Bracelet:ASO! Leather Bracelet-cross(white) TCF

pose:Imeka~Pose Pack-{Amy} TCF

The Chapter Four event




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