I ♥ doll


hair:[Due] Anya new at The Capter Four
tops::pesca:lawn blouse/white new at The Capter Four
pants:Tee*fy Aimee Tailored Ribbon Shorts Sand
shoes::NuDoLu: Ballerine de couleur Neko orange new gacha at GALA#2
band tattoo:NEO** knee tattoo – band – hurt1 new gacha at The Capter Four
doll:::{u.f.o}::my grandma made for me new gacha at The Capter Four
necklacce:::Sweet Leonard:: Stoneheart Necklace -short- new

shirts::villena:. – Denim shirt Stone Wash 2 MENS DEPT
pants:.:villena:. – tucked up jeans burgundy MENS DEPT
sandal::BB:: DARK Gomu Sandals w/ Mesh Feet
scarf:(Milk Motion) Cotton scarf – chevron – ombre red The ARCADE
bag:Tee*fy Leather-Made Goat Head Backpack Black new gacha at The ARCADE
bracelet:[DAISO] 31vintage MIX Metal BRACELET [L] – 4 new gacha at The Capter Four

sofa:*ionic* vintage sofa new at The Capter Four
picture: *ionic* Maialen new at The Capter Four



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