I ♥ Green


I ♥ GREEN Snapshot_52277
skin:Essences – Lily *light rose* FLF
tops:::C’est la vie !:: ribbed knit sweater(black)mesh new at The Chapter Four
skirt:B.C.C Petite baby Skirts Green new at TDR
hat:(Milk Motion) cat beanie – green new at The Chapter Four
bag:MiWardrobe – Purse Typewriter – Blue – MW new at Candy fair
glasses:{Sleepy Eddy} Boston Glasses (Tortoiseshell) new at The Chapter Four
boots:Tee*fy Chloe Slouchy Booties Black
tattoo:NEO** Knee tattoo – Nabi – fall new at The Seasons Story
Neck wallet: / XIAJ / Leather Neck Wallet (tree) RARE new gacha at Men Only Gacha
cups:.Tokame. My Mood Cups new at The Chapter Four
muff:*{Junbug}* Snow Princess Fur Muff in Snow
pose:{Imeka~} Julie – Pose Pack new at The Chapter Four

Zigana lantern . turquoise
Zigana lantern . mist
Zigana chime . color RARE new at The Chapter Four
*ionic* memories collector
*Ionic* All I need – 7(*ionic* noni bed,*ionic* Always kiss me, goodnight,*ionic* noni set boxes) new at The Chapter Four

[ keke ] ink bottle – mint
[ keke ] ink bottle – sepia
[ keke ] ink bottle – puce
[ keke ] ink bottle – gold
[ keke ] ink pen – floral RARE
[ keke ] inks & pens tray – wood RARE
[ keke ] new gacha at The Chapter Four

*ionic* Autumn frames new at The Chapter Four



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