I ♥ brown


I ♥ brown Snapshot_52404
hair:-LaViere- Nadia new at C88
poncho:::{u.f.o}::ponpon cape coat – beige C88
skirt::pesca:pleated skirt/plaid D.brown new at The Chapter Four
boots:*COCO*_BowBoots(Cinnamon) new at The Chapter Four
bag:2:00 PM. Vintage square bag – choco brown new at The Chapter Four
bear:+Half-Deer+ Dreary Bears – Cream (wear on head) new at The Chapter Four

house:*Ionic* ASPIRE! rare
wall watch:*ionic* las horas
telephone:*ionic* Waiting for your call
chair:*ionic* Las sillas!
rockin chair: *ionic* Tea Time (rockin chair)
*ionic* Books for awake
*ionic* many little secrets
*ionic* Oihane
new gacha at The Chapter Four



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