I ♥ Animals


omg!!! lovely Animals

I ♥ Animals     Snapshot_52483
hair:(Chemistry) Hair – Sirena/by Kimberlee Miles/
coat:Maitreya Oversized Coat – Snow/by Onyx LeShelle/ Collabor88
turtleneck:::K:: Inner Turtle Neck Black /by Kitt Ragu/new
pants:::{u.f.o}::knit wammer skinny – navy /by charming meiler/Collabor88
shoes: XIAJ x Tyler Park / Polar Bear Sneakers /by superjaix/ new
hat:=Zenith=Winter Knit Sheep Hat – RARE /by Miffyhoi Rosca/new gacha at The Chapter Four
pose:ZZANG – DELICIOUS POSE PACK 046 /by HushHushHush/new at The Chapter Four

owl:::BB:: Artic Friends Snow Owl (creme) RARE /by suetabulous Yootz/new gacha
bear:::BB:: Arctic Friends Polar Bear Pal (Creme) /by suetabulous Yootz/new gacha
fox:::BB:: Artic Friends FOX (snow) /by suetabulous Yootz/new gacha
Hare:::BB:: Arctic Friends Snowshoe Hare Pal(creme) /by suetabulous Yootz/new gacha

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