want to go a bit of exploring


want to go a bit of exploring   Snapshot_53134
skin:AMITOMO.Dreamy Skin / by woomi Latte / new at The Dreamers Factory
eye:[UMEBOSHI] Natsu eyes -Duo Blue- / by Keiba / new at The Seasons Story
hair:tram D530 hair / by moca Loup /
playsuit :pesca:denim all-in-one/plane khaki / by tsugu Nirvana / new at The Seasons Story
bag:Schadenfreude Golden Leopard WildThing Satchel / by Allegory Malaprop / C88
hat:Soothe. Botanical Hat (chic) / by Menieelee Gelles / new at The Chapter Four
camera::::LP::: Fooli Film_Camera – White (18) RARE / by yani Tryce /new at The Seasons Story

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