I ♥ Red

hair:MOON{Hair}. Mirror Mirror / by Silent Acoustic /
dress:AMITOMO.Long T-shirt #6+Waist Shirt #6 / by woomi Latte / new at The Chapter Four
nail finger&toe: ::c.A.:: Slink Nail Applier *Otoha* [finger] / by YukaChoco Magic / new at Cosmopolitan Sale Room
bag:-David Heather-Frange Bag/Mahogany / by Gianni Broda / new at The Chapter Four
hat:C’est la vie! Mr.Wallen Hat / by me /
sandal:Pure Poison -Shay Sandals / by Shaleene Kenin /
pose:Le Poppycock *Cakewalk* Female / by Olivia Lalonde / new at The Chapter Four


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